Friday, 12 November 2010

Why women should lift weights....

A lot of my female clients seem shocked when I introduce resistance training to their workouts and express concerns about “bulking up”. (By resistance training I mean using free weights, kettlebells, resistance bands or fixed resistance machines). However there are so many benefits for women to use weights on a regular basis, including:
·         Building muscle will increase your metabolic rate- you will burn more calories!
·         Builds stronger bones – help prevent and fight osteoporosis, especially important for women
·         Helps prevent injuries - a solid foundation strengthens our bones, ligaments, and tendons
·         Decreased risk of coronary disease- resistance training can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
·         Helps you perform better in other sports and exercise
·         Makes you look and feel better - strength training reduces overall body fat, gives a fantastic shape to our bodies
·         Provides variety to your workout

Ideally women should look to undertake resistance training 1-3 times a week and use a weight that they can lift 12-15 times in one set. You should consider a whole body approach e.g. working your arms, legs, abdominals, chest and back in each session. It is important you select the right weight and adopt good technique, if in doubt ask your gym instructor or book a few sessions with a trainer.

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