Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Keeping fit in the snow and ice!

For those of you who are getting frustrated because you can't go running or can't get to the gym because of the snow, there is plenty you can do to fit your weekly exercise sessions in!

Outside: Wrap up, get your wellies on and go walking! Walking as fast as you can in the snow will provide plenty of resistance and a perfect workout, just be careful on icy patches! Bring a sledge with you and a few fast walks up hills to sledge down will boost your calorie burn.

Inside: Why not set up your own 45 min circuit! Use your stairs to warm up with single and double set climbs and then set yourself up a mini circuit in your lounge doing press ups, ab curls, tricep dips on a chair, lunges, squats and sprints on your bottom step. Perform each exercise for a minute, once the circuit is complete have a drink and couple of minutes recovery before repeating the circuit 3-4 times. Some of my clients can burn up to 500 calories with my indoor circuits!

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