Thursday, 9 December 2010

Coping with the Christmas food overload ………

Apparently the average person consumes 6000 calories on Christmas day which would take about 12 exercise sessions to burn off! However its not just the big day itself that causes weight gain over Christmas its the work nights out, family get togethers, the tempting TV adverts and the displays of fattening foods in the supermarket!

Some of my clients are worrying about weight gain at Christmas so I have come up with the following advice to help:
·         Fill up on a healthy meal before going on a night out so you are not tempted by fatty buffet food/takeaways
·         If you are eating out:
o   Avoid fried food and creamy sauces
o   Choose lean meat or fish options and have extra veg or salad with your meal
o   Avoid calorific buffet favourites such as chocolate, crisps, cheese and pastry based foods
·         Squeeze in an extra exercise session each week in December to burn off those extra calories!
·         Make the most of your time off at Christmas and get outside for a brisk walk or jog, especially after Christmas day indulgences!
·         Plan some activities with friends or family over Christmas that involve you being active!
·         If you have one bad day and over indulge try to have one very good day following it
·         Start planning your January healthy eating and exercise programme now!