Saturday, 12 February 2011

Burn 500 calories plus at home….

Have you ever tried a home circuit session as an alternative to the gym? You need very little equipment and could do it in your lounge, hall, garage or garden. Here is an example of some home circuits I do with clients:

Warm up:
  1. 5 sets of single stair climbs (walk/jog up and down staircase)
  2. 5 sets double stair climbs (2 steps at a time)
  3. 20 walking lunges (ideal in long hallway or across lounge)
  4. 12 shoulder rolls
  5. Total body stretch (hold each stretch for 10 seconds)

Home Circuit: Complete each exercise for 45 seconds and then move on to next one. Repeat 4 times, no rest between exercises, rest for 1 minute after each circuit.

  1. Wide leg squats
  2. Press ups
  3. Alternate leg lunges
  4. Ab crunches
  5. Bicep curl using dumbbells
  6. Tricep dips using chair or step
  7. Sumo squats (optional to hold dumbbells at shoulder height)
  8. Plank
  9. Star jumps or march/jog on spot
Cool down:
  1. March on the spot until breathing is normal
  2. Total body stretch (hold each stretch for 10-30 seconds)
This is an example circuit for people who are used to exercise, however if you are unsure of the appropriate technique for any of the exercises look it up online, in a book or ask a fitness professional. If you feel pain or think you are doing something incorrectly stop.

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