Friday, 14 January 2011

How to start running….

Would you like to start running outside? Many clients hire me as their trainer as they are unsure of how much to run, how long for or find it very difficult just to get started. Here are a few tips to help you:
·      Pick a 2 mile flat route to start with (use or just drive round a route and measure)
·      Wear a watch so you can time yourself
·      Walk briskly for the first 4-5 minutes
·      Jog to start with, many clients go off like a rocket when they first start running and tire very quickly!
·      Jog as far as you can and try to keep a mental note of where you got to using streets, trees or street lights as markers
·      Walk briskly until your breathing recovers and go again
·      Repeat this pattern for the whole route
·      Try to do this route 3 times a week and you will notice the walks getting shorter and the jogs getting longer
·      You will also notice it takes you less time to recover between jogs
·      Take a note of the time at the end of each run and see how you improve each week
·      Once you can run this route start to add variety by extending your route, adding in hills and trying new routes
·      Joining a local running club is another great option, they charge very little and have beginner groups to help you get started

Clothing and safety tips:
·      Wear good running trainers
·      Its good to wear a high visibility jacket if at night (these are cheap online or in sports shops)
·      Take a phone
·      If running at night pick well lit residential areas
·      Don’t have your music too loud so you can hear cars

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